A Guide to Children’s School Shoes

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Children spend the biggest part of their day in school wearing their school uniform, and shoes are a non-separable part of school uniform. Children spend more than 7 hours wearing the shoes, enjoying their studies, break hours, and all other times they are spending wearing the same attire. It is very crucial to keep the kids comfortable to help them enjoy their time. Keeping all the requirements of a kid’s comfort is a crucial aspect, we are here listing a few tips that will help you finding out the right shoe with perfect fitting to nurture your kid’s childhood and his schooling.

The prior most element you must check while buying a school shoe online is the shoe size. Getting the right shoe size will cover half the way to getting the best option for your kid. Kid’s feet are at a growing stage till they reach later teenage. Till then every single day the feet are continuously growing. That means an ill-fitting shoe can affect the structure of feet. It is important to measure your kid’s feet, not just the length but the width too.

What you must look for in the shoes?

  • Comfort:

A small discomfort can be the greatest distraction for your kid. Hence, you must choose a comfortable shoe over everything while choosing a shoe. A relaxed walk and free to breathe feet can help your kids to enhance their capability of concentrating on any particular aspect, either they are studying or playing.

  • Durability:

Throughout the school duration, your kid is caught with some or other activities. Either it may be running or playing basketball, all activities put a variable abrasion on the shoes. The shoe selected must be durable enough to withstand the tension generated by the day’s activity. Selecting the highest quality shoe can help you taking the shoes for the long run.  

  • Material used:

Leather is one of the most preferred materials for shoes, as it is breathable and also durable. In case of any wear and tear, leather is also repairable. All the mentioned qualities are making leather the best shoe material. The leather shoes give a shining surface with easy to clean options, hence making them more appropriate for school shoes.

  • Style:

As many schools those many guidelines for the school uniform. Few schools are having strict rules even for the style of shoes. Hence before buying school uniform shoes online you must check the uniform guidelines provided by the school. Few may only allow the black smart formal shoes, while others may also give an option to buy boots and black trainers shoes.

Once you are ready with the style of shoes allowed by the school then you can further check the most comfortable one based on the measurement of the kid’s feet.


Buying the best school shoes is a requirement to give comfortable growth to your kid’s feet as other body parts. There are a few important aspects that can put a great impact on your shoe selection, a few of those are comfort, durability, the material used, and style of shoes allowed by the school. If you are buying a shoe keeping all these aspects as a major point of concern then you can shop the best product for your kid that will go for a long run.

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