How long should school shoes last?

School uniform shoes for the girl

For ages, it is believed and even expected that a school shoe must last for an entire school session. If you are lucky enough and you select the best quality black school shoes then they may last for one entire session without any wear and tear. But the major point of consideration here is the continuous growth of your kid. The best age for the proper growth of kids is between 5-15 years. This is the time when kids grow every day and their feet too. Then your child might need to go up a size to get a comfortable room in their shoes. You might have seen most of the kids out-wear the shoes from the toe part before even the kid grows. This gives a sign to buy a new pair of shoes.

Most of the folks have certain myths of buying expensive kid’s school shoes, and one of those myths is expensive shoes can be used for a longer run than other shoes.

When do you need to change your black school shoes?

School uniform shoes for the girl are not only worn daily but it is one of those aspects under the count of school uniform that undergoes scuffing, stomping, and also are being splashed every day. In case the shoes get to tear off then it is important to change them immediately.

When you are buying new black school shoes, you must take an accurate measure of the feet. There must be enough room for the leg to grow a bit. This means you don’t have to buy again a new one for small changes in the foot length.

Never buy school shoes without your kids. You might have taken accurate feet length but the width of feet and the arch height required in the school shoe are also required to make it the best fit for your kids. Hence always take kids along while you are shopping for them.

Type of the shoes matters a lot when you are buying a school shoe. Sneakers can be a great fit for your kid’s growing feet but they can be an option for the school uniform shoe. Hence, before wasting your money on buying any type of shoes, confirm the dress code from the school.

A few tips related to the purchase of black school shoes:

  • Choose a length bigger than the longest toe of your kid’s feet. You must always keep an extra room of 10-15 mm for the free movement of feet.
  • The shoes selected for your kid must have a wider heel to give a proper balance to their walk and must be able of handling the weight of a growing body.
  • The material used for the shoe manufacturing must be either leather or natural elements, that allow the feet to breathe within the shoes for proper growth.
  • The shoe must have a flexible inner and lower sole that allows a flexible movement of feet and must not give any strain to feet while walking or running.

If you are considering each of the above-listed tips while buying the school shoes for your kids then there are chances for the shoes to be used for a longer time, at least an entire session.

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