How to clean black school shoes without polish?

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Clean shoes are the mirror of one’s personality. A shining shoe will reflect your vibrant nature whereas if the shoes are looking dull then it may make an impression of a listless person. Are you also having a dull shoe and willing to turn it bright with a polishing shoe but not having any at home and don’t have time to get it from the provisional store? No need to worry, you can even get bright shining shoes at home without any shoe polish. Here, we are listing few tips that you can opt for polishing your shoes at home just by using a few items available at your home.

Let’s get to know all the quick remedies that you can apply at home:

Quick shoe polish can be created at home using the elements available in your kitchen and bathroom. Here is the list of elements that you can use for polishing your shoes seamlessly.

  • Use of olive oil:

To prepare a home-made polish with olive oil you need a few soft clothes and warm water. This type of shoe polishing is mostly preferred for leather shoes. To clean your shoes you first need a clean cloth, dipped in warm water, and then wipe your shoes to clean dust and dirt on them, if any. Then take another piece of clean cloth and dip it into the olive oil and wipe the shoes. Let the shoe absorb the oil for another 15 minutes. At last buff the shoe with a clean and soft cloth that makes your shoe shine.

Pro tips to use:

If olive oil is not available at home, then you can also use any other oil, based on the availability. You can also use any vegetable oil or coconut oil as a shoe polish. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the oil will add shine to your shoes. Before testing this type of polishing, we recommend you conduct a patch test.

  • Banana shoe polish:

To get a shining shoe you can use the banana peels along with the piece of soft cloths. It can be done by rubbing the inner white part of the banana over your shoes then wipe your shoes with a clean cloth. You can also use a clean cloth to buff your shoes after wiping them.

  • Rubbing alcohol:

To clean your shoes using alcohol you need cotton balls, a soft cloth, and rubbing alcohol. Using this technique you will get a military-type shine. Using a soft cloth, you need to first clean the shoes to remove any dirt. Then soak a cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and apply it to the shoes in a circular motion. At last use a clean and soft cloth to buff the shoe and get a proper shine.

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