How to make school shoes comfortable?

how to make uncomfortable shoes comfortable

Undoubtedly, leather shoes are the best back to school shoes for everyone when it comes to quality, but there is discomfort associated with premium quality leather shoes. Leather shoes are always hard in texture and hence create a bit of discomfort while wearing them. But there is always a solution to all the problems. If you are a quality lover who never wants to deceive leather shoes from your wardrobe but also willing to add comfort to the same then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss how to make uncomfortable shoes comfortable. If you are breaking into the new shoes then let’s make them comfortable for your feet before you wear them for the first time.

A few tips are here to make your shoes comfortable:


Shoes, especially the one made with leather material are slightly tighter when it’s new. Later on, when you wear it a couple of times, it makes a perfect fit for your feet. If you are willing to get rid of this initial discomfort then you can use shoe stretchers. It will help you expand the shoe size to half an inch longer and wider. It is mostly used for shoes with heels to make them a perfect fit.


When shoes are very new, they may hurt you due to the hard texture. If you are willing to get rid of those hard bites of your shoes then you can use dressing bandages under your shoes. Usually, the new shoes produce pressure, blisters, and frictions on the feet, and hence bandages help you to protect your feet against all those damages.

Wear socks:

Wearing anti-moisture socks under your shoes will all-time help your feet to stay dry and keep them healthy. Apart from these, the socks will also help your feet to avoid the abrasion produced by the shoe on your feet.

Slippery shoes:

A slippery shoe can be the biggest reason for discomfort that restricts your comfortable walk. If you are also struggling with slippery shoes, you can rub sandpaper on the outer sole to generate better traction and help people to walk freely.

Arch widening:

Everyone checks for the length of the shoes, but how many of us look for the width of the shoes. Do you know that as the length of the foot changes, the width also varies?? If you find any discomfort while wearing it and willing to widen the shafts of the boot then also you have a perfect solution for it. You can apply leather stretch spray and stretch it to make it comfortable.

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