What are grade school shoes and what is their size?

grade school shoe size

If you have been buying school shoes or any type of sneakers in the past years, then you might have been noticing terms like “GS”, “GG”, “BS” and more. The actual meaning of these terms is very simple meaning but these simple words have a lot to tell you about the shoes. The acronym “GS” is been seen in most online portals, but hardly folks know the meaning of this abbreviation. Does it denotes the quality of shoes or having some other attribute of shoes to tell you. Let’s find out the importance of “GS” and its full form.

What does GS mean and what is its importance?

The term “GS” stands for grade school, which is clearly defined as a sneaker size by the manufacturers. The GS states that the size of shoes is designed for the average child’s shoe. If you are buying a shoe for your kid from the offline store or online stores, you must give keen consideration to find out the right size for your kid. Well, the grade school shoe size chart doesn’t state the smallest size rather on average, it offers the biggest size. These types of shoes are larger than the toddler and preschool shoe sizes.

Why size matters a lot?

Most of the footwear brands are now serving global customers but unfortunately, we don’t have any standard shoe sizes to follow worldwide. There are various levels of shoe manufacturing and hence there is a wide range of shoe fitting available. Hence measuring your kid’s foot size in the same measurement unit as of the brand will be a wiser decision to avoid any discomfort. While measuring cover from heel to toe of your kid’s foot to get the exact shoe length. Many other aspects must be considered while selecting a shoe, such as foot width, arch height, etc. All these attributes make a great difference in the shoe fitting and making it comfortable.

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