What are the major key factors considered to choose the Perfect Shoes for school this year?

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The growth of your kid is very frequent in the initial 11 years of their age, but gradually the growth slows down. Hence, if your kid is below the age of 11 years then you must be highly concerned while choosing shoes for your kids. Ill-fitting of shoes can hamper the growth of your kids and can lead to various feet related issues that may continue till adulthood. Most of the parent doesn’t take shoe selection as a major point of concern, but you are willing to give a pinpoint healthy life to your kid then give a minute before you start shopping and think “how to choose the right shoes for your kid’s feet online?” Buying school shoes online is completely different than buying them from an outlet.

If buying school shoes online seems to be a difficult task and not able to pick the right option for your kid, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we will be discussing the major aspects that can change the way you shop online and can help you buy the best shoes in UAE.

Tips to buy the perfect school shoes for your child:

  • Measure both feet:

Measuring your kid’s feet is the most primary aspect to be considered while buying a school shoe online. Either you are measuring it at home or getting this job done by a professional, you must make sure to measure both the feet of your kid. Either you talk about a kid or a fully grown folk, most of the people have a slight difference between their both feet. In most cases, one of either foot is found lengthier and wider than the other. Measuring only one foot may lead to discomfort for your kid if selected the size of the feebler foot.

  • In a growing stage:

In the growing stage of your kid, their feet are also growing and still, the bones are on a journey to get the rigid state. Hence, shoes must be chosen with a soft innersole that can take shape of the feet. More than half of the children are having flat feet that are gradually taking shape, hence the shoes must reshape themselves and must come very next to the skin of the feet.

  • High-quality shoes:

High-quality shoes are highly recommended for the growing kids and it is also the main reason that encourages parents to buy high-quality school shoes online, like Baako school shoes. Premium shoes are designed carefully using the latest machinery and excellent material that adds more flexibility and comfort to the user. Premium shoes are excellent in quality and can last for at least a school year.

Checklist to find the best school shoe:

  • Extra room for the growing toe of your kid
  • The shoe must be wide enough to occupy the wider part of the foot
  • A firm heel capable enough to hold the bodyweight
  • The outer-sole must twist along with the curve of feet to make the walk comfortable


Willing to buy a shoe for your kid online but confused with the options and also puzzled with the checklist that must follow to get the best product. We have listed the major key factors that can help you find the best school shoe online without compromising the quality of the product.

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